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Nick Harman

1 2               3   4
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15 16                      
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34                   35               36
    38               39 40              
          42   43      
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47             48            
49           50        

1.What lights the Grays Base
8.Jakes Pet
9.The secret to the riddle that must be answered to gain acess to the train
10.The thing on top of the bears head
13.What is waiting inside Blaine for them
14.Engineer of Carlie the Choo Choo
16.Blaine goes so fast he creates one of these
17.The book that tells of Blaine
21.Rolands Home town
22.What silences the voices in Jakes mind
24.What replaces Charlie the Choo Choo
25.The river they must cross to reach Lud
27.The purpose of Rolands Quest
29.Where three of the travelers are from
30.What Eddie calls their normal meal
33.Another stop on Blaines route
34.What silences the voices in Rolands mind
35.The direction of the beam
38.The booby trap roland trips on purpose
40.What Blane likes to do
42.The sorcerer
44.What Susanah leaves behind in Lud
45.The last stop on blaines route
47.Black Women with no legs
48.The mono
49.The man who kidnaps Jake
50.The grays opposing gang
2.Heroin Addict
3.Where Blaine charges his battery
4.What Jake finds in the lot
5.The gang the Tick Tock Man leads
6.What Eddie stands in in his dream about the Dark Tower
7.The booby trap Roland Almost Trips
11.What Gasher wears on his head
12.Main Character
15.Leader of the Grays
18.Where the grays base is
19.How Oy gets in the room to save jake from the Tick Tock Man
20.Jakes Riddle Book
23.What Carlie was going to on his last run
26.Oy is one of these
28.Song played on the loadspeakers in Lud
30.Roland is one of these
31.Where the train must be boarded
32.The thing roland carried for comfort
36.The path to which everything bends
37.Pube who tried to kill Eddie and Susanah
39.The boy who died twice
41.The weapon Gasher weilds
43.Susanah's practice targets
46.What the group of travelers is

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