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7th Grade Math Definitions


Give the Vocabulary Word for each Definitions.

1 2         3        
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  9     10         11                
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15                           16      
      17     18 19                    
    21 22      
            23 24  
25 26                                          
28         29       30   31                  
34                         35      

2.The answer to a subtraction problem.
4.The horizontal line in an x-y coordinate system.
7.The differences between the least and greatest numbers in a data set.
9.A six-sided polygon.
11.The answer to a multiplication problem.
15.A change in the size or postion of a figure.
17.The answer to an addition problem.
18.An angle that measures less than 90 degrees.
20.Two angles whose measures 180 degrees.
26.The smallest common multiple of two numbers.
27.The four regions determined by the axes of a coordinate plane.
28.A graph that uses bars to display data.
30.The top number in a fractor.
33.Figures with the same shape but not necessarily the same size.
34.A number in the form a/b.
35.The values(s) that occur most often in a data set.
36.Numbers greater than zero.
37.A whole number, its opposite, or zero.
38.A five-sided polygon.
1.The vertical line in an x-y coordinate system.
2.The distance across a circle through its center.
3.An angle that measures 90 degrees.
5.A wedge-shaped part of a circle.
6.A graph that uses a line to show how data changes over time.
8.An eight-sided polygon.
10.A number's distance from zer0.
12.A rate in which the second quantity is one unit.
13.The distance from the center of a circle to a point on the circle.
14.Operations that "undo" each other, such as addition and subtraction.
16.The largest factor two numbers have in common.
19.Two angles whose measures add up to 90 degrees.
21.The sum of the values in a data set divided by the number of values.
22.A whole number that divides another whole number evenly.
23.The perimeter of a circle.
24.Numbers that are less than zero.
25.The top number in a fraction.
29.A transformation that flips a figure over a line.
31.The middle values in a data set.
32.A mathematical statement that two expressions are equal.

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