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Rocketing Into Algebra

Gretter Diaz

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5.y=a(x-h)2 +k
8.This type of progamming is a technique that identifies the minimum or maxium value of some quantity.
9.When multyplying with nonsquare matrices the number of _______ by the first matrix must equal the number of rows in the second matrix
11.In y=2x+3, 3 is the _______term
12.When You graph the inequality: y<-2x+3 , the line should be______.
14.The number of times the related linear factor is repeated in the factored form of the polynomial
18.Out of the following, which is not an answering form: Standard, Point-Slope, Slope-Intercept
21.3x +x-10x +6-9x is a _______polynomial
22.On a complex number chart, -4i represents a(an) ________ number.
23.a+b=b+a is an example of ______ property
24.An arrangement of items in a particular order.
26.When one completes a square, one is finding the last term of a perfect square _______.
1.How many solutions does one have when the determinant=0
2.A translation is an operation that shifts a graph ______, vertically, or both.
3.Determined by the exponent of the variable in a term
4.A rectangular array of numbers written within brackets
6.An axis of _______ divides a parabola into two mirror images.
7.y= (2x+3)(x-4) is a ______ function.
10.The type of division that omits all variables and exponents.
13.A pair of inequalities joined by and or or
15.A selection in which order does not matter
16.Graph: y=3x + 12x+ 8. What value does the vertex represent?
17.______theorem states: If a polynomial of degree n ≥ 1 is divided by (x-a), where a is constant, then the remainder is P(a)
18.A monomial or the sum of monomials
19.Solving by_______ is mostly applied when the quantities you add contairn a pair of additive inverses.
20._______system has one solution
25.The set of all outputs, or y-coordinateds of the ordered pairs

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