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The language of Algebra

D. Masters

Simple algebraic terms

1 2 3
4   5          
6   7           8      
    9               10            
11   12                     13  
      15   16              
                  19   20          
  24               25  
  27   28       29              
30                           31
    32               33  
  34                         35            
37         38           39  
41                             42
      43 44             45
46 47                   48         49        
    50           51          
54         55        

5.Two expressions that have the same value
6.The transformation where a figure is turned around a point is called a ?
9.An ordered pair or a set of ordered pairs
10.The answer to a multiplication problem
12.The transformation where a figure is flipped over a line is called ?
16.Section of the coordinate plane numbered I, II, III, IV
18.What kind of operation is: 5 - 2 = 3
19.Numbers to the left of zero
22.The difference between the largest and smallest numbers in a set of data items
23.Not a whole number
24.Another name for 144 items in a set
26.A positive or negative whole number or zero
28.A number divisible by 2
29.A mathematical sentence
30.Name of this property: a(bc) = (ab)c
32.The top number of a fraction
35.Name of this property: a + (-a) = 0
38.What kind of operation is: 20/4 = 5
40.What kind of operation is: 5(3) = 15
41.The bottom number of a fraction
43.What kind of operation is: 2 + 3 = 5
46.What the 2 is called in the expression 2x
49.The opposite of negative three
50.To make smaller in value
52.To make larger in value
53.Another name for "average"
54.Where our soldiers are fighting right now
55.A number with only 2 factors, itself and 1
56.The number that occurs most frequently in a set of data items
1.length X width of a rectangle
2.The middle of a set of data items
3.Center of the number line
4.The answer to a subtraction problem
7.The transformation where a figure is slid in any direction is called a ?
8.2L + 2W of a rectangle
10.Numbers to the right of zero
11.An electronic device used to solve math problems
14.A letter that stands for a number
15.Location of Lee County courthouse
16.The answer to a division problem
17.The Vice President of the United States
20.Plotting points on a coordinate system
21.Name of this property: ab = ba
25.(x, y) is called an ordered ?
27.Name of this property: a(b+c) = ab +bc
29.A mathematical phrase
31.Where you get sent when you misbehave in class
33.Capital of the state of Virginia
36.A box and whisker chart is divided into four ?
37.Name of this property: a + 0 = a
38.The transformation where a figure is enlarged or reduced is called a ?
39.A number not divisible by 2
42.Another name for exponent
44.Another name for 12 items in a set
45.A box and ? chart
47.The intersection of the x and y axis
48.Southern most country in North America
51.The answer to an addition problem

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