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Algebra: Linear Equations Crossword

R. DuBois

Words used with linear equations and graphing lines

1               2 3
5         6         7      
8   9              
11             12    
13   14                                  
  15                     16      
19                       20        
  21 22          
    24       25
29                     30        

1.Terms in an expression that have the same variable raised to the same power
5.A two-variable equation is written in ______ if one of its variables is isolated on one side of the equation
8.The vertical axis in a coordinate plane
10.Formed by two real number lines that intersect at a right angle
11.The ratio of the vertical rise to the horizontal run between any two points on a line
14.A symbolic form made up of constants, variables, and operations
15.The line is ______ if the slope = 0
17.The line is ______ if the slope is undefined
19.The second number in an ordered pair
23.The positive integers
26.A pair of numbers used to identify a point in a coordinate plane
27.A statement formed by placing an equal sign between two expressions
28.The y-coordinate of a point where a graph crosses the y-axis
29.An expression is ______ if it has no grouping symbols and if all the like terms have been combined
30.If the slope is negative, the line _____ from left to right
2.The inverse of Addition
3.Equations that have the same solution(s)
4.The inverse of Division
6.Two operations that undo each other
7.If the slope is positive, the line _____ from left to right
9.The horizontal axis in a coordinate plane
10.If a term of an expression consists of a number multiplied by one or more variables, the number is the _____ of the term
12.The point in the coordinate plane where the horizontal axis intersects the vertical axis
13.The x-coordinate of a point where a graph crosses the x-axis
16.The positive integers together with 0
18.This is an example of what property: 2(x+5) = 2x + 10
20.A linear equation of the form Ax+By=C where A and B are not both zero is in ________
21.One of the four regions into which the axes divide a coordinate plane
22.The first number in an ordered pair
24.A letter used to represent a range of numbers
25.The numbers .....,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,...

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