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Algebra II

D. Masters

2                 3         4
  5     6             7   8
9   10                       11
    13 14       15                          
    19       20 21                   22              
25                                 26
28             29               30  
          31 32   33 34     35      
    36   37 38                      
          41                   42
45     46          
48                   49                                      
    54                 55                    

2.ax + by = c (linear equation form)
3.The quotient of the rise of a line divided by the run
6.A system of linear equations with a solution
10.Miss Swan in Pirates of the Caribbean
15.First African-American coach to win the super bowl (2W)
16.The second full moon in one calendar month
17.Captain Jack's last name from Pirates of the Caribbean
20.a(bc) = (ab)c (property of multiplication)
22.A 2 term polynomial
24.An ordered pair or a set of ordered pairs
25.A number that can be expressed as a/b, where a & b are integers, and b not equal to zero (2W)
28.First African-American secretary of state (2W)
34.a * 1/a = 1 (property of multiplication)
38.Only US state that grows coffee
39.The only continent without a desert
40.y = x (function type) (2W)
41.A rectangular array of variables or constants in rows and columns, usually enclosed in brackets
43.y = 6 (function type) (2W)
44.Area of an intersecting system of inequalities used in linear programming (2W)
47.Captian Jack's ship in Pirates of the Caribbean (2W)
48.ab = ba (property of equality)
49.The way to express very large or very small values in mathematics (2W)
50.A method used to multiply 2 binomials
51.a + 0 = a (property of addition)
52.f( x ) = [[x]] (3W)
53.a(b + c) = ab + ac (property of multiplication with respect to addition)
54.a = a (property of equality)
55.A series of inequalities that define the boundries of a feasible region in linear programming
56.A relation in which each element of the domain is paired with exactly one element in the range
1.A letter that represents a number
2.A graph of bivariate data (2W)
3.The constant factor of a matrix
4.a+b = b+a (property of addition)
5.In baseball, it's when the same player pitches the entire game without allowing any player of the opposing team to reach first base -- by any means (2W)
7.An algebraic or numeric phrase
8.Given real numbers a & b, either a = b, a < b, or a > b (law)
9.First African-American female to win best actress oscar (2W)
11.Cramer's first name (from Cramer's Rule - not Seinfeld)
12.A mathematical sentence
13.x in (x, y)
14.What the B stands for in the BMW automobile
18.Another name for exponent
19.A system of linear equations with no solution
21.A method used to solve a system of linear equations
23.A number that cannot be expressed as a/b where a & b are integers, and b not equal to zero (2W)
26.y in (x, y)
27.The distance a point is from zero
28.A method of solving linear systems using determinants of matrices (2W)
29.The solution to a system of linear equations in three variables (2W)
30.[a, b) (type of notation) (2W)
31.The science that deals with the motion of projectiles
32.A method of finding 3rd order determinants (3W)
33.c < a < b (2W)
35.{ }
36.A 3 term polynomial
37.{x| x > 3} (type of notation) (3W)
42.y = mx + b (linear equation form) (2W)
45.A method used to solve a system of linear equations
46.If a=b, b=c, then a=c (property of equality)
48.Cramer's nationality (from Cramer's Rule - not Seinfeld)

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