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Geometry Project

Donald Bell

1 2
3 4           5 6                      
    7         8            
11     12                             13 14    
        15   16  
    18                   19        
20   21                       22              
23           24            

4.A parallelogram with four equal sides.
6.The total number of successful events divided by the total number of possible events.
7.A transformation, or change in position, resulting from a slide with no turn.
9.A equation that states a rule or a fact.
10.A triangle with three unequal sides.
11.A triangle with at least two equal sides.
14.Part of a line, with one endpoint, and extending to infinity in one direction.
17.The side opposite the right angle in a right triangle.
18.A letter used to represent a number value in an expression or an equation.
19.A flat surface that stretches into infinity.
21.A triangle that has three equal sides.
23.The horizontal axis in a coordinate plane.
24.The steepness of a line expressed as a ratio, using any two points on the line.
25.A triangle that contains a right angle.
1.The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.
2.Two angles whose sum is 90 degrees.
3.A triangle with an obtuse angle.
5.Two angles are supplementary if their sum is 180 degrees.
6.A squared + B squared = C squared
8.A straight set of points that extends into infinity in both directions.
12.For a three-dimensional figure, the sum of the areas of all the faces.
13.A triangle each of whose angles measures less than 90 degrees.
15.A polygon with 4 sides.
16.A point on a line segment that divides the segment into two congruent segments.
20.The vertical axis in a coordinate system.
22.A three-sided polygon.

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