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Geometry Review for Chapter 1

Hannah Fleming

Review of the Geometry facts learned in Chapter 1

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8                   9
    10 11                            
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39       40     41    

4.doesn't rely on anything but postulates
7.if 2 points lie in a plane, then the line containing these 2 points lies in the same plane
8.objects of the set
11.3 distinct noncollinear points lie in exactly one plane
12.a statement that can be shown to be true by a logical progression of previous terms and statements
14.don't rely on other postulates
15.a visual representation of sets
19.don't contradict one another
20.are the foundation to our system of geometry
23.spot; no dimension; a location in space
24.a group or collection of objects denoted by braces and labeled with a capital letter
29.points that do not lie on the same plane
30.all elements in the universal set not in the given set
35.operations on a single set
36.points that lie on the same line
38.accurate and reversible
42.sets with one-to-one correspondence
43.when two sets have nothing in common
44.any 2 points in space lie in exactly one line
45.something that forces a decision apart from or in opposition to reason
1.neutral; avoids limitations of time or place
2.straight; extends infinitely in one direction; length, no width or thickness
3.flat, extends infinitely in two dimensions
5.if 2 planes intersect, then their intersection is exactly one line
6.to the point; no ambiguous or vague language
9.coplanar lines that do not intersect
10.a line contains 2 points; a plane contains 3 noncollinear points; space contains 4 noncoplanar points
11.planes in space that do not intersect
13.process of justifying a theorem
16.set that contains no elements
17.a system of definitions, postulates, and theorems that is built in a logical progression
18.lines that intersect at a single point
21.lines that lie in the same plane
22.assumed to be true
24.lines that are not coplanar
25.How many points are required for something to be noncollinear
26.model based on 5 incidence postulates
27.points that lie in the same plane
28.refers to processes that require two sets
31.what makes a good geometry
32.denoted by "U"
33.interrelation or sequence of facts or events when seen as inevitable or predictable
34.good grammar, good sentence, only necessary words
37.repeat the pattern established by the last 3 elements
39.sets with the exact same elements
40.using words previously defined or commonly accepted as undefined
41.another name for a postulate

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