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Chapter 1 Croosword Puzzle

1 2 3
      4   5            
  6     7    
10     11                         12        
    14         15        
  16     17                          
4.Rules that are accepted without proof
7.Part of a line that consists of a point called an inital point
8.A ray that divides an angle into two adjacent angles that are congruent
10.Two angles whose measure have the sum of 90*
15.It is usually represented by a shape that looks like a table top or wall
17.Two lines that are coplanar and DO NOT intersect
18.Segments that have the same length
20.Two adjacent angles whose noncommon sides are opposite rays
21.An angle with measure between 0* and 90*
22.Ray,Line,or Plane that intersects a segment at its midpoint
23.Two angles whose sides form two pairs of opposite rays
24.Unproven Statement that is based on observation
1.Two lines that intersect to form a right angle
2.If C is between A and B
3.Two angles measure have the sum or 180*
5.Measure equal to 180*
6.Two different rays that have the same initial point
9.Measure of 90* and 180*
11.It has no dimension, represented by a small dot
12.A line extends in one dimension it is usuall represented by a straight line with two arrowheads
13.Divides,or Bisects,a segment into two congruent segments
14.Angles that have the same measure
16.Part of a line that consists of two points
19.Angle with measure equal to 90*

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