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Crossword Puzzle

We will be studying lines and angles in class. Try this crossword puzzle without any reference materials first to test your background knowledge. If you get stuck, use your textbook, computer or math dictionary to help you. Good luck! (*Note: If your answer is more than one word, do not put any spaces between words when you fill in the puzzle.)

1 2               3  
      4 5
    6     7  
8       9                            
10   11                              
      12 13                        
      14 15    
  17               18        

2.tool used to measure angles
8.the sum total of these angle measures is 180 degrees (2 words)
10.two lines that intersect to form a right angle (2 words)
13.an angle with a measure of exactly 180 degrees (2 words)
15.a portion of a line that extends from one point infinitely in one direction
17.two angles that have a common side and the same vertex, but do no overlap (2 words)
19.angles that have the same measure (2 words)
20.two lines that do not intersect and are not in the same plane (2 words)
1.unit of measurement for angles
2.a specific location in space with no size or shape
3.an angle with a measure greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees (2 words)
4.an angle that measure 90 degrees (2 words)
5.opposite angles formed by the intersection of two lines (2 words)
6.the common endpoint of two rays that form an angle
7.the sum total of these angle measures is 90 degrees (2 words)
9.part of a line containing two endpoints and all points between the endpoints (2 words)
10.two lines with no point of intersection (2 words)
11.tool used to make linear measurements
12.an angle with a measure greater than 0 degrees and less than 90 degrees (2 words)
14.a straight path
16.a flat surface with no edges or boundaries
18.two rays with a common endpoint

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