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Kitten Math Blast 1

Ms. Hill

1   2 3 4 5 6 7       8    
10     11   12         13   14       15
16     17                        
19   20             21    
23         24 25      
26             27
  28   29                     30  
32             33        
    34                 35        
36         37        
    38     39              
40 41         42      
          43         44  
  45   46   47          
    49             50             51      
54           55  

1.explains symbols on a graph or map; gives the answers
7.a tool used to draw a circle
9.the measure of the surface
12.an eight-sided polygon
14.a number found by dividing the sum by the number of addends
16.does not have 2 as a factor
17.a number close to an exact amount; a guess
18.a line segment that has one point in the center of a circle and another on the circle
19.the greatest amount a container can hold
22.lines that extend in the same direction and are always the same distance appart
23.unit of length
29.equal to .01 of a meter
31.per hundred, out of a hundred
32.the middle number in a set
34.The top number in a fraction
35.used to graph points
36.the measurement of the short side
38.Two end points and the line that connects them
43.a number that shows position or order in a series
47.the flat surface of a 3d figure
48.a drawing that shows a relationship between sets of data
49.time that has passed
50.parallel to the horizon
52.can be measured in weeks
53.a way of representing whole or part of a group
54.to come to a conclusion by guessing or implying
56.a six-sided polygon
57.a unit of liquid measure
58.straight up and down
59.to move in one direction
2.a unit of length
3.the amount of matter in an object
4.the side on which a figure rests
6.3 of these are equal to 1 meter
8.a number that describes all the numbers, mean
10.a measurement of weight
11.a symbol or letter that represents a numerical value
13.watching carefully to come to an understanding
15.to divide into 2 equal parts
20.a closed plane figure with 3 or more sides that are line segments
21.grouping together
24.angel larger than 90 degrees
25.groups of like data
26.one of the numbers in an addition problem
27.organized information
28.a measure of heaviness
30.lines in the same plane that intersect at right angles
33.a straight path that extends infinitely
37.a closed, oval, plane figure
39.mathmatical sentence using an equal sign which states both sides are equal
40.length of a perpindicular line segment
42.forms a mirror image
44.2 rays with a common endpoint
45.a figure having the shape of a basketball
46.a list or table
51.a polygon with 3 sides and angles
54.1/12 of a foot
55.a comparison of two numbers expressed as a fraction

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