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Mathematicians and Scientists


1 2 3
4     5           6         7
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25 26             27 28  
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    31     32         33            
38 39        

5.worked on the theory of waves, discovered the gas Argon (2 words)
8.gave three fandamental laws of planetary motion, worked in optics and geometry
9.founder of symboli logic
11.worked extensively in Fractal Geometry
12.inventor of pulleys and a screw pumping device
16.introduced the Hindu-Arabic place-valued decimal system and the use of Arabic numerals into Europe
17.famous for work on prime numbers and for measuring the diameter of the earth
18.first to proof a famous right triangle theorem
20.initiated the study of quantum mechanics
22.established the science of hydrodynamics
24.theory of relativity
26.formulated the basic laws of falling bodies
31.German mathematician who developed the present day notation for the differential and integral calculus
33.published a paper which considered both the motion of the source and the motion of the observer on the apparent pitch of sound
34.pioneered the theory of permutation groups
35.father of differential geometry
37.first to provide a rigorous proof that pi is irrational
39.French mathematician who introduced the first systematic algebraic notation
40.world chess champion who introduced the notion of a primary ideal
1.French lawy who worked in the foundations of calculus
2.Scottish scholar who invented logarithms
3.Polish astronomer and mathematician who proposed the earth's yearly motion around a stationary sun
4.born in Italy, took part in the Los Alamos project to build the atomic bomb
6.first account on non-Euclidian geometry to appear in print
7.constructed the theory of complex functions by means of power series
10.investigated number theory, famous for orthogonal polynomials
13.pseudonym for Charles Dodgson
14.produced a method of determining when a general equation could be solved by radicals
15."I think, therefore I am."
19.developed a general calculus for vectors
21.originator of algebraic topology
23.investigated "integration in infinitely many dimensions"
25.between 1820 and 1823 prepared a treatise on a complete system of non-Euclidean geometry
27.proved the stability of the solar system, put the theory of mathematical probability on a sound footing
28.work in geometry had the greatest influence in that area after Euclid
29.Greek mathematician who wrote "The Elements"
30.Contributed to the theory of elliptical functional
32.approached logic by reducing it to simple algebra
36.founded set theory
38.recent mathematician who worked in probability, analysis, number theory, geometry, combinatorics, and mathematical physics

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