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Faiyaz Khan

1                   2 3
5               6      
  9   10        
11               12 13
  14   15            
16                     17  
19         20   21        
  23 24                        
  26           27  

1.mm stands for.
4.Where edges meet to make a corner.
5.Bottom number in a fraction.
7.cm stands for.
9.Where two surfaces meet.
11.Angles less than 90 degrees.
15.Sum divided by the number of parts.
16.Triangle with two sides and two angles equal.
18.Triangle with all sides and all angles equal.
19.Top number in a fraction.
24.Triangle with one right angle.
25.Triangle with each side a different length.
26.Angles more than 180 degrees.
28.The length of the outside boundary of a shape.
29.Flat surface of a solid shape.
1.2514 in Roman numerals.
2.180 degree angle.
3.An amount out of 100.
6.t stands for.
8.Any part of a group or whole.
10.g stands for.
12.Area equals _________ multiplied by _________.
13.360 degrees.
14.km stands for.
17.A number which has only two factors - one and itself.
20.Amount of turning between two lines that meet at a point.
21.Angles more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees.
22.A whole number that can be divided exactly into another number.
23.m stands for.
27.Size of the surface.

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