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Topics Final Assessment for Polynomial Functions

Lucia Ortiz

This puzzle will consist of some of the terms that we used during the past few weeks while studying polynomial functions.

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1.the highest degree of an algebraic expression
4.the product obtained by multiplying a quantity by itself one or more times
5.having a sign that remains the same when the sign of each independent variable is changed at the same time.
7.when numbers look alike, have the same qualities
10.A diagram that shows a relationship between two sets of numbers
11.the act of multiplying
14.having a sign that changes when the sign of each independent variable is changed at the same time.
16.to make less complicated
18.where they both have positive numbers
19.an integer that is either positive or 0
23.the process of uniting two or more numbers into one sum
24.noting a quantity greater than zero
26.a number or symbol, placed above and to the right of the expression to which it applies, that indicates the number of times the expression is used as a factor.
27.its a even number on the graph
28.a solution to the polynomial equation, P(x)= 0
29.where the divisor must be of the first degree and must have the form x-a
30.in where x-r is a factor of a polynomial P(x) if and only if r is a root of P(x)
32.process of finding the difference between two numbers or quantities
2.where they both have negative numbers
3.the degree of the leading term
6.the coefficient of the leading term
8.its an odd number on the graph
9.used when the divisor is a large number and everything is written down
12.the value of x where the graph crosses or touches the x-axis: y= 0
13.has the form of y=A polynomial
15.the operation of seeing how many times one number can go into another
17.a minus sign
17.involving or noting subtraction; minus
20.a formula to find out theroots of a quadratic equation from its original coefficients: x = [-b ± √(b2 - 4ac)]/2a
21.sudden spring or leap
22.a real number times the positive square root of -1also refered as a complex number
25.to move, pass, or extend from one side or place to another
31.equals to 1 in a polynomial function

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