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Pre-Algebra Puzzle

Mrs. Jackson

1 2 3 4         5    
6   7   8                                
        9 10  
        13 14          
  18       19                
  24                     25        

4.passes the vertical line test
6.for any numbers a,b, and c, a(b + c) = ab+ac and (b + c)a = ba + ca
11.and x and a y coordinate in paranthesis separated by a comma
14.the most common unit of mesure for angles
15.a mathematical sentence that contains the equals = sign
18.the sum of the numbers in a set of data divided by the number of pieces of data
19.another word for a power
20.expression that contain the same variables with the same powers
22.an angle with a mesure greater than zero degrees and less then 90 degrees
23.an equation for which the graph is a straight line
24.where the line crosses the vertical axis
25.high number minus low number
1.number of successes compared to number of failures
2.where the line crosses the horizontal axis
3.the biggest number that goes into two other numbers with no remainder
5.upper quartile minus lower quartile
7.the vertical change compared to the horizontal change
8.a bunch of points
9.numerical information gathered for statistical purposes
10.number that has exactly two factors
12.the median of the first half of the data
13.point where the x axis meets the y axis
16.the numerical part of a monomial
17.in a set of data, this is the number in the middle when the data are organized from least to greatest
21.number that divides into another number with no remainder

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