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Pre-Algebra Vocabulary

Keatra Kitching

A fun way to learn your vocabulary.

1 2                       3 4 5
6     7 8                 9
    13   14                              
16   17                   18          
              19     20        
      21 22   23                      
24                   25        
28         29         30
          31                 32   33
39                 40 41 42             43
      45   46        
49             50            
    51       52          
53     54          

2.Term always written last
8.Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
11.to undo multiplication
14.Indicates repeated addition
17.number in front of a variable
19.sentence with an equal sign
22.Key word for associative properties
24.Keyword for power of three
25.to find the number to make the sentence true
26.A whole number with exactly 2 factors, 1 and itself
27.to undo subtraction
28.Quotient of the sums of numbers and number of terms
31.Number paired with a point
34.small letter representing a number
35.to undo fractional coefficient
36.Keyword for division
37.name of {integers,frations,terminating and repeating decimals}
39.Numbers with the same distance but different direction
42.Name of {...,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,...}
44.Property used to add like terms
46.Basic metric unit for length
47.Operations that undo each other
48.Basic metric unit for volume
49.Terms with the same variable and power
51.Basic metric unit for mass
52.number or variable being multiplied
54.Door County sales tax
55.number phrase
1.to undo addition
3.to undo division
4.Term with no variable
5.Symbols used to write numbers
6.Key word for comutative properties
7.Product of a number and the counting numbers
9.sentence that is True or False
10.identity number for addition
12.Keyword for subtraction
13.Product of all common prime factors
15.Fraction where numerator is greater than the denominator
16.Distance from 0
18.Keyword for "times 2"
20.Operations that need a common denominator
21.Used to write very large of very small number's
22.To change the order of operations
23.identity number for multiplication
29.To locate a point
30.part of an expression added or subtracted
32.To find the number named by an expression
33.Number named by an expression
38.Ratio whose denominator is 100
40.Positive and Negative
41.Replacement numbers for the variable
43.To do all possible operations
45.Indicated repeated multiplication
50.Compares two amounts
53.group of objects
54.Wisconsin state sales tax

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