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Ray Weier

1   2   3 4
6       7 8
9     10                 11   12      
  17   18              
    21     22                  
  23     24 25  
26                     27          
28                   29 30  
31             32          
33     34                
35         36              
37       38            

1.Another name for the solution of an equation.
5.The common log of 1000.
9.The multiplicative inverse.
12.The ratio of the opposite leg to the hypotenuse.
13.Lines having a slope of zero.
14.The ratio of the adjacent leg to the hypotenuse.
16.Angle from horizontal down to the line of sight.
18.The reciprocal of the sine.
19.The square root of a negative number.
21.b^2 - 4(a)(c)
26.Four times three times two times one, for example.
27.Has equation x^2 + y^2 = r^2
28.The nth power of a.
31.A two-term algebraic expression.
34.Angle from horizontal up to line of sight.
35.Has equation y = ax^2 + bx + c
37.6 in the term 6^x.
38.Set of all the input values of a function.
2.The additive inverse.
3.One complete cycle of a trigonometric function
4.Lines having no slope.
6.Another name for the inverse sine.
7.Cofunction of the tangent.
8.The natural log of 1.
10.A function having a positive slope.
11.5 in the term 5x^2.
12.The change in y divided by the change in x.
15.Having the same terminal side.
17.The ratio of the opposite leg to the adjacent leg.
20.Set of all output values of a function.
23.A three- term algebraic expression.
24.Lines having equal slopes.
25.The reciprocal of the period.
29.A set of ordered pairs.
30.A letter used to represent a number.
32.Has equation y = mx + b
33.A radial angle.
36.The natural log of e.

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