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math vocabulary

Mr. Bourque

1         2       3
  4                           5
7             8                      
  11           12                        
      17     18                            
  20 21                                    
  23               24  
    27           28                  
  30           31    
34               35            

1.step by step instructions
4.180 degrees
7.compares to 100%
8.answer to a subtraction problem
10.fraction with an equal value
11.rectangle made up of equal rows and or equal columns
12.distance around a circle / sphere
13.triangle with two sides the same length
15.bottom number of a fraction
16.difference between the maximum and minimum
17.chart usings ones and tens
21.number expressed at the product of prime factors
22.number that divides another number
23.number subtracted
26.has two or more factors
27.polygon whose sides and angles are all equal
30.middle number in a set of numbers
32.number being divided
33.nothing evenly divisible into numerator and denominator
34.multiplication answer
35.whole numbers and whole negative numbers
2.polygon - sides or angles are not equa;
3.distance around a shape
4.number written with the power of 10
5.numerator greater than the denominator
6.please excuse my dear Aunt Sally
9.order of adding or multiplying does not change the answer
14.the average of a set of numbers
18.occurs most frequently in a set of numbers
19.triangle with a right angle
20.factor found in two or more numbers
24.number added
25.same size and shape on either other side of a line
28.quadrilateral with all the sides the same length
29.lines where two faces meet
31.addition answer

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