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Newspaper Terminology

Mrs Hickman

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1.A group of connected stories across one or many pages.
7.Helps the page look interesting, often photographs or use of colour.
8.A system on stars on the edge of the front page to tell you what edition you are reading
10.The middle of the newspaper-often has large photographs and an article running over both pages.
12.Web specific-putting video, audio and pictures into the text of a web story
13.Bolded/large text that breaks up a long story.
16.Legal information and address of the paper.
17.Written material, known as copy, that makes up the main body of an article.
18.Information panel on the front page that tells a reader about other stories in the paper to tempt them inside!
19.Picture story that can exist on its own or on a front page leading to a story inside.
1.A quote from the story that is enlarged and appears within the text.
2.The line above the story that gives the author's name.
3.Web specific- words used at the end of the web address (URL) to make the article easy to find and search
4.Top label for the whole page
5.Brief description of a photograph or graphic
6.A panel or box containing graphics or other info. It is eye-catching and breaks thestory up into different elements
9.Everything on the page except picture or text of stories.
11.A phrase which summarises the main point of the article often in bold and a larger font.
14.Block of text that introduces the story, normally in a different font style.
15.The newspaper's title displayed on the front page.
18.Web specific- search engine optimisation

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