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Disney Movies

Paul Brune

Name the movie from the clues provided.

1 2 3     4               5         6
7           8
9         10                      
      12               13 14                      
15                     16       17                            
  18           19                  
20           21     22         23          
24       25                         26
            27         28              
29                                   30                                
      31 32                      
33   34 35   36      
38               39       40      
    42   43   44           45                    
                    48                 49  
                    51         52  
    57                       58          
    59                     60              

2.Eddie Murphy's movie based on a popular ride
10.Remy becomes a French Chef
12.Disney's other African cartoon featuring an ape man
14.Movie about the 1st Jamacian bob sled team
15.Sequel to the Shaggy Dog
17.Disney animated dog feature setin Italy
19.Herbie's first movie
21.Adam Sandler's Disney movie from 2008
24."and the seven dwarves"
28.Iago, Jafar, and the Sultan are in this movie
29.Movie about an unpopular girl who becomes royalty
30.You don't half to go through the looking glass to see this movie
32.Tim Allen or Fred McMurray film
37.Chloe, Degado, Papi - this movie goes to the dogs
39.Disney's musical cartoon that was years ahead of it's time
41.Angela Landsbury stars as a witch in this live action movie
44.Mu-Shu likes this movie
45.Dori, Nemo, and Crush
46.Pixar's family of crime fighters
48.Vin Diesel's babysitting movie
51."My...what big ears you have..."
53.Disney's action movie starring Dwayne Johnson
54.She pricks her finger on a spinning wheel
55.Most people cry at the end of this movie
56.Robin, Maid Marion, Little John
57.George and Ursula
59.Disney's African royalty movie. Hakuna Matata
60.Prehistoric movie that inspired a thrill ride at animal Kingdom
1.Young superheros in training movie
3.Disney's cheering and singing smash hit
4.Max and his dad star in this movie
5.Nicolas Cage's Disney movies
6.movie that's "Under the Sea"
7.Robin William's remake of the Nutty Professor
8.Mater and Lightning McQueen
9.Woody, Buzz, Rex, and Mr. Potato Head
11.Disney's futuristic take on a Robert Louis Stevenson's book
13.Peter Pan's friends first movie
16.Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan's movie
18."You can fly" in this movie
20.She has slippers of glass
22.Disney's computer gaming movie
23.Disney movie that's takes place in a bell tower
25.Pixar's futuristic adventure with a robot cast
26.Cuba Gooding Jr's dog sled movie
27.Old west comedy starring Don Knotts and Tim Conway
31.Belle, Mrs. Potts, and Lumiere
33.Tim Allen's live action Christmas movie
34.A movie about a boy and his large "pet"?
35.Movie based on a popular ride of the same name
36.Disney's Hawaiin adventure
38.In this movie a family is shipwrecked on a deserted island
40.Flick and Hopper star in this "small" movie
42.Lewis goes to the future with Wilbur to stop the bad guy and his hat
43.All he wants to do is to be a real boy
47.The Cygnus, Dr. Reinhardt, B.O.B., and V.I.N.C.E.N.T. are starts in this movie
49.Live action fairy tale staring Patrick Dempsey
50.Flower and Thumper as pals in this movie
52.This movie includes the song "Color of the Wind"
58.Pixar's newest movie

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