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Narnia Puzzle about Good and Evil

1 2
  3   4
5           6
  7                   8
10                   11          
13                   14 15      
17           18        
19   20             21 22
        23 24          

5.Positive expectation (1 words)
7.The Pevensies went on an _____ (1 words)
10.A set of stories (1 words)
11.The land in the wardrobe (1 words)
13.The object on which Aslan ws sacrificed (2 words)
15.Bad (1 words)
16.A celebratory Time of Year (1 words)
17.An object used to store clothes in (1 words)
20.Female Wizard (1 words)
24.A Faun (1 words)
25.The most rebelious of the Pevensies (1 words)
26.The oldest of the Pevensies (1 words)
27.The youngest of the Pevensies (1 words)
1.Creature representing God (1 words)
2.Half human, half mule (1 words)
3.A small brown creature (1 words)
4.A tasty Turkish snack (2 words)
6.Female ruler (1 words)
8.The figure of God (1 words)
9.Owns the Wardrobe (1 words)
12.A ruler (1 words)
13.To give something up for a greater good (1 words)
14.A source of light found on a street (1 words)
18.A component of war (1 words)
19.A verbal formula believed to have magical force (1 words)
20.A stick beleived to have magical power (1 words)
21.A season (1 words)
22.The most responsible of the Pevensies (1 words)
23.Not Evil (1 words)

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