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Princess Bride

By Sarah Furlonger

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3.The place where you go to watch movies/ cinema
5.A funny film or show is called _ _ _ _ _ _
6.The narrator of the film
9.A feeling for another person usually of the opposite sex
11._ _ _ _ _ _ plays a giant and is one of the 3 bandits
12.This item is used quite frequently by the character Inigo
13.Something you are given when you acheive something great e.g. Oscar
16._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is also known as the 'Princess Bride'
18.A cruel, Evil, Vicious, twisted, wicked person
20.Classification of film e.g comedy, horror
21.The director of the film
1.One of the villains of the film is called Prince _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
2.The leader of the 3 bandits
4.The full name of the film
7.The place containing the Rodents of unusual size
8.Motion Picture/ Film
10.A fictional story made up to amuse children
14._ _ _ _ _ _ _ is the hero of the movie
15._ _ _ _ _ is a skilled swordsman and one of the 3 bandits
17.The way the movie fits together is called the _ _ _ _
19.The abbreviation for Parental Guidence Recommended

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