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1 2
4       5       6
  7             8 9 10
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    21                 22  
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    26 27               28      
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    34 35        
36                     37  
    38             39        
41             42 43   44 45
  46 47             48     49      
50         51          
    52   53        
  54 55            

4.Asgard Sg-1 rescues shortly after Thor's death.
7.'Head' Unas Trader
11.Has office one floor above Daniel on level eighteen.
15.Agent Cross is from which episode?
16.The last name of a Deputy who was host to an immature goa'uld.
17.Name of planet where time loop originated. (P4X-639)
18.Calls Jack 'human', much to Jack's continued annoyance.
20.Mal Doran
23.The guango was originally called a/n
24.P4C 970
26.Who replaced Jack in 'Shades of Grey'?
31.Fictional movie that Teal'c has seen over nine times.
32.Alien who started the time loop.
33.Mr. Bregman's first name.
36.The doctor who called Sam in the middle of the night to warn her before being murdered.
38.Martouf's host
39.Jaffa that angered Jack by ending sentence with preposition.
40.Colonel Jack O'Neill's favorite color.
41.Jack owes over three hundred dollars to...
47.Three Star Lt. General from "Tangent"
48.Carter's husband in "2010"?
49.Earth's Stargate was discovered in the early 1900's in.
50.Born on July 8, 1965.
53.Which SG team found Daniel after he descended.
55.Minor Goa'uld in "The Other Guys"
56.Atomic weight of Boron
57.Norman and Harrision is also...
1.Omarosa's Mate
2.Color of Thor's favorite vitamin
3.King Arkhan's lieutenant
5.Teal'c brings Jack what after the second time Jack has the Ancient's knowledge downloaded into his brain.
6.Goau'ld word for weakness or death.
8.Major Davis' first name.
9.Jack with no sense of humor.
10.On P4X-884, they found...
12.Indian guide who visited the SGC in 'Spirits'
13.Land of Light
14.'Walter the Gate Guy' is actually a...
16.Anubis' son
19.Teal'c's Father.
22.Had his Appendix removed, in the series and real life.
23.Daniel masqueraded as a Goa'uld under the name...
25.Service Number 36-6-349.
27.The Lost City was founded by the...
28.General Maynard's first name.
29.Goa'uld found in Mexico
30.Major Carter's favorite Jello.
34.'Ancient' that Sam has a relationship with.
35.Daniel's research assistant for his dissertation.
36.Occupation Teal'c hallucinates.
37.Jack's natural response to Carter's rambles.
42.Agent Singer is from which organization?
43.Location for Orpheus
44.First name of the airman Jack greeted in "Window of Opportunity"
45.Most accident prone SGC personell.
46.Service Number 69-4-141.
51.Doctor that Sam dresses down when Jack goes missing.
52.Wrote Torment of Tantalus
54.Avatar in the form of an Enkaran

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