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How much do you know about Star Wars?

by Jessie

1 2       3       4             5
6     7 8  
    9                 10                  
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      13           14         15                
18                 19         20                    
    21                           22
23             24                
  25     26  
27                   28                         29
30                         31                    
34           35       36    
    37       38  
  39       40                    
  41                             42  
44   45                              
        46   47    
      48                 49          
50   51       52                  
      54                   55        
57                 58                

1.han's response to leia's declaration of love
3.George Lucas' biggest mistake
9.where luke and ben meet han
10.the fett's home planet
11.leia is forced to reveal this location of the rebel base to vader
13.this band plays in jabba's palace
15.destroyed by the death star
18.he adopts leia
20.darth tyrannus
21.sand people
23.obi wan's exile name
24.where Lando lives
27.Obi-wan's master, killed by Darth Maul
28.composer of the star wars music
30.a measure of the force in the blood
31.vader flies this
32.half droid, half human leader of the droid armies
33.han is frozen in this
34.these guys like to steal and sell droids
35.Luke's Grandmother
40.it eats boba fett
41.plays the Queen of Naboo
43.the wookie planet
45.Palpatine gives this order to the clones to betray the jedi
48.the only owner of a purple lightsaber
49.these get tripped up easily on hoth
50.tries to kill han but han shot first
52.an ewok
53.the skywalker home planet
54.han's is always breaking down
55.there can only be two at once
56.yoda's voice
57.capital of the republic and home of the jedi temple
58.jango and boba's ship
59.an icy world
2.rainy location of the clone facility
4.that blue jedi girl
5.Little Ani wins this
6.his dna was used for the clones
7.yoda throws these red guys into the wall
8.the clones make their first battle appearance here
12.kills general grievous
14.Luke's uncle
16.big furry beast looking things on tatooine
17.he tries to eat c3po's eye
19.the color of Luke's lightsaber
22.interrupts han and leia
25.Han won this from Lando in a bet
26.he betrays the Emperor
29.the chosen one
30.a magma planet
36.rebels fly these fighters
37.scout troopers crash these into trees
38.he possesses the double bladed light saber
39.Senator Palpatine is secretly this Sith Lord
42.keeps Luke from freezing
44.jar jar is one
46.he kills count dooku
47.the swamp planet
51.the location of the sheild generator

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