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--==Star Wars Characters==--

Ivan Jackman

1 2
  3     4      
5 6      
7                   8    
  11         12   13
14     15            
  21       22         23      
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28               29          
  30         31        

3.he is the commander of the Millenium Falcon (3-4)
7.Liam Neesons character (3-3-4)
9.Pilot "Wedge" (8)
10.Tatooine slave trafficker (5)
11.The son of Jango Fett (4)
15.a former slave with a strength in pod-racing (7)
16.Bounty hunter behind the blue Mandalorian armour (5-4)
17.the most famous Darth of the all (5)
18.rogue, gambler and gun-for-hire ***** Calrissian (5)
19.Luke and Leias mother (5-7)
21.broke the saber mold with a double bladed weapon Darth (4)
22.most famous wookie in the universe (9)
24.the restless farm boy Luke (9)
26.his famous lines include "fear is the path to the dark side (4)
28.Cyborg in Revenge of the Sith "General" (8)
29.Rodian bounty hunter (6)
30.Admiral Firmus (5)
31.Mace one of the precious Jedi masters of the High Council (5)
1.Luke Skywalkers uncle (4)
2.Tried to bully young Skywalker but was silenced by Obi-Wan in Mos Eisley cantina (9-6)
4.Anakins mother first name (4)
5.Admiral in the Imperial Fleet Conan Antonio (5)
6.Jabba the Hutts right hand man (3-7)
8.the band that plays at Jabbas palace (3-4)
12.Lukes sister (4)
13.Darth Vader appeared to serve him Grand Moff (6)
14.what kind of B.Crumb is this (9)
20.Hired to assassinate Padme (3-6)
23.Fish looking Admiral that lead the Rebel alliance (6)
25.Obi-Wan-****** (6)
27.probably one of the most famous Counts (5)

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