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---==Tom Hanks Movies!==---

Ivan Jackman

1 2 3 4
5 6                 7  
11   12              
13         14    
  15 16           17  
20         21              

6.narated this mini series in 2010 (3-7)
9.walking this type of mile in 1999
10.life is like a box of chocolates (7-4)
11.sleepless in this city (7)
13.type of pit with Shelley Long (5)
15.saving this character in 2013 (2-5)
18.voiced this character in Toy Story (5)
20.the dog from this 1989 movie (5)
21.was a great movie for FedEx (4-4)
22.Det. Pep Streebek in this 1987 movie (7)
1.the man only had one in this movie (3-4)
2."you've got" something in 1998
3.Mr ____ Navorski stranded in the terminal (6)
4.alongside Leo DiCaprio 2002 (5-2-2-3-3)
5.they accompanied the demons in 2009 (6)
7.the song from the piano scene in "Big!" (10)
8.they were in something of their own in 1992 (6)
12.what type of spacecraft in 1995 (6)
14.saving this private in 1998
16.first name of Captain Phillips (7)
17.a strange kind of express in 2004 (5)
19.wgo's code was this from 2006 (2-5)

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