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Twilight lovers crossward.

1 2 3  
  5             6    
    7   8       9
10                 11  
    12 13   14    
  15 16                          
17                 18 19        
20 21           22       23              
    26             27 28        
  30                             31    
33 34             35          
    36 37                             38  
39             40                                
42         43               44    
  45     46              
    48   49   50        
51             52     53          

3.Jacob's age.
4.Who is Bella's best friend?
5.3rd book of the Twilight Series.
6.Number of pages in Twilight.
7.What is Carlsile Cullens job?
10.Jacob's mate is...?
16.What does Edward give Bella as a gift to remember him by?
17.Leader of the wolf pack.
18.Edward's brother.
20.Bella's father name?
23.Food Bella orders at the restaurant while on a date with Edward.
24.Jasper's sister.
26.If Bella's baby would have been a boy what was she going to name him?
28.What does Bella dare Edward to eat at lunch.
30.Where Bella meets up with James.
32.In Twilight Vampires_____ in the sun.
33.2nd book in Twilight series.
37.Author of Twilight.
39.Edward's sister that can see the future?
40.Disease Edward was dying of.
41.Month that New Moon will be in theaters.
42.color of Bella's truck.
43.How old is Edward?
45.Where Bella and Edward go to visit Renee
47.What is Renesmee's middle name?
48."So the lion fell in love with the____".
51.Jacob's fathers name?
52.Name of the rulers of all vampires.
55.Where Edward moved from.
56.How does Edward get into Bella's room at night?
57.What kind of car does Edward have?
1.Vampire who wants to kill Bella.
2.Charlie's job.
3.Year Edward was born(turned into vampire)
8.How did Jacob's mother die?
9.Name of Victoria's boyfriend.
11.Bella's favorite book.
12.Edward's mother.
13.Who is the newest "vegetarian"?
14.Bella's worst subject in school.
15.Victoria's friend.
19.Where did Bella live before moving to Forks?
21.Activity Edward does for his bachelor party.
22.Where is Bella and Edward's favorite place?
25.Actor that plays Jacob.
27.Actress that plays Bella.
28.Bella's step-father's name.
29.Where does Edward take Bella for their honeymoon?
31.Vampire who inflicts pain when she looks at you.
34.Who Kills James?
35.Bella's real name?
36.Edward and Bella's childs name?
38.Last book in the series.
44.In which book did Edward ask Bella to marry him?
46.Who is Victoria's new boyfriend in Eclipse?
47.Edwards last name?
49.What is the name of the boy who has a crush on Bella at Forks High School?
50.Bella's fathers favorite restaurant.
53.Vampire who had a crush on Edward.
54.What instrument does Edward play?

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