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Vintage Movie Crossword

Mark Clark


1 2
3             4      
  6     7      
9               10
11 12            
13         14     15          
  17     18           19
    20             21    
25                   26            
29     30   31      

3.Marie missed out by a Narrow Margin
4.If he couldn't have Gene Tierney, nobody would
6.Clark's wife was known as the first female casualty of WWII
8.There's not a Shadow of a Doubt about this guy
9.The man with the golden arm
11.Mogambo's other woman
13.Gloria or Margot
15.Jean was picked up on South Street
16.The Big Knife gave him Sudden Fear
18.Powell was not underfed, but the series was known that way
20.Bogie knew how to whistle for her
22.A place that lost its land in 1949
23.This small body of water was the only one they could find shorter than Alan Ladd
25.This sassy German import rode in on blue wings
26.This girl of the night was Robby's pal
28.Bogie's biggest nemesis
30.Yellow-haired fireball
33.Seperated from The Lady from Shanghai
34.This "Juke Girl" was "Unfaithful"
35.Hitchcockian blonde in the bay
36.Audrey or Katherine
1.Ann rode "Maisie" to stardom
2.Conrad escaped the Nazis, only to end up portraying them
5.Took a bath as Anna Lucasta
7.Resistance to Veda Ann is truly futile
10.Merry Andrew fell hard for her
12.Too Young to Kiss
13.This guy epitomized film-noir, body and soul
14.This Mercedes is not a car, but a star
17.Found many Pitfall's while Dead Reckoning her way to Easy Living
18.Plays a woman beside herself, twice
19.Warmed up Warner Baxter's Penthouse in the 30s
21.Found her Lucky Strike in her father's drama series
24.Constance, Bruce or Joan
27.This Jan was Paul Douglas' main squeeze
29.His muses were Beverly and Cleo
31.Claire was mostly tight on Key Largo
32.McGuire or Malone

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