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The Beatles

John Sandberg

A crossword puzzle based on the beatles

1   2    
3 4    
5 6     7 8            
9                 10      
11             12  
13           14
15           16                 17
18               19        
20   21     22
23                 24  
25             26      
  27       28  
30   31   32      

1.They played great _____
6.They are very ___ now
8.Some people would call them a ______
9._____, love, and harmony
10.They ____ great as well as they play their instruments
11.They were very creative _______
15.They were a great ____
16.The last name of the the person who played bass
18.Sometimes they wrote their own ______
19.The person with the last name Starr
23.They would play for people at big ________
25.The instrument John Lennon played as well as singing
26.The name of a song with a girls name in it
27.They would ____ on their instruments very well
29.They had a lot of good _____
30.The instrument Paul McCartney played
32.They had a lot of ____
33.A type of singing where one person sings at once.
34.The genre of music they played
35.They played on a number of ___________
1.They have a lot of _____ from a successfull career
2.They were very big _____
3.Their music would be called _______ by now
4.You had to buy ________ to get into the their show
5.The name of the band is _______
7.They were very talented _________
12.The last name of the person who played the drums
13.The person with the last name McCartney
14.They had a lot of _____ when it came to making songs
17.People would call them the ____
20.The person with the last name Harrison
21.The name of a song that has racoon in it
22.They had a lot of ____ for their fans
24.The instrument Ringo Starr played
28.The person with the last name Lennon
31.John Lennon got ____ by a crazed fan
32.The number of people in the band
33.What they would wear when they played sometimes

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