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Instruments and Ensembles Crossword

1 2 3
4                     5      
    7             8   9
10         11   12
  15   16                    
20                 21 22        
        23         24   25  
26                         27          
  29               30          
        31     32          
35 36                  
  38     39              
        41 42            

4.(TWO WORDS) A small "classical" ensemble.
6.An ensemble that includes sopranos, altos, tenors and basses.
7.(TWO WORDS) A small "jazz" ensemble with a rhythm section and a "wind" soloist.
13.(TWO WORDS) The other name for a timpani.
14.String instruments draw a ______ across the strings to make them vibrate.
15.A group of performers that perform together.
17.Additional percussion instruments.
18.(TWO WORDS) An ensemble like the orchestra, but there are no brass or woodwind instruments.
19.The _______ is moved to change pitch on a trombone.
20.A low brass instrument that is usually not found in an orchestra.
22.A large "classical" (mostly) ensemble that has woodwind, brass and percussion instruments.
23.The person that guides an ensemble through face and hand motions.
26.(TWO WORDS) The main genre of music that includes music that you hear on the radio and includes rock, country and rap.
27.The word orchestra came from ancient ______ around 2000 years ago, describing the place in front of the stage where the musicians would play and the actors would dance and sing.
29.(TWO WORDS) The group that provides the beat in a jazz band. Instruments typically include the piano, bass, drums, and guitar.
31.The family of instruments that includes flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone and bassoon.
33._______ percussion instruments can play notes that you can sing.
36.The family of instruments that includes violin, viola, cello and bass.
39.The largest section of an orchestra includes many of these.
40.(TWO WORDS) A medium sized "jazz" ensemble with a section of trumpets, trombones, and saxophones.
41.An articulation that means to perform a note separate or detached.
43.A shorter word for a glockenspiel.
44.As the size of the instrument becomes longer its sound becomes _________.
45.(TWO WORDS) Another name for a jazz band.
1.The only woodwind instrument that is made of brass but is called a woodwind because it has a reed.
2.The family of instruments that includes trumpet, french horn, trombone, euphonium and tuba.
3.(THREE WORDS) The oldest American symphony orchestra, founded in 1842.
5.The Italian musical term for "medium loud".
8.The "stick" a conductor uses to guide an ensemble.
9.This instrument has 47 strings.
10._______ percussion instruments cannot play notes that you can sing.
11.The family of instruments that includes keyboard instruments and drums.
12.King Louis XIV's orchestra conductor who stabbed himself in the foot while conducting and later died of his injury.
16.(TWO WORDS) The most common type of chamber ensemble.
21.The buttons on a woodwind instrument.
24.A conductor uses his/her left hand to give _____ so a performer doesn't forget to play his/her part.
25.The largest ensemble which has all four instrument families and mostly performs classical music.
28.The musical word for speed.
30.The main genre of music that includes styles of music from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern eras.
32.The musical term for volume (clue- Listening Maps).
34.An articulation that means to perform a note smooth and connected.
35.The main genre of music that includes swing and the blues styles of music.
37.The distance between the lowest and highest note an instrument or singer can play.
38.The lowest sounding double reed instrument.
39.The buttons on a brass instrument.
42.(TWO WORDS) What a snare drum is called when the metal "snares" are turned off.

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