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Orchestra Vocabulary Crossword

Tracy Stewart

1   2     3 4
5   6                
7         8              
  10   11                        
12                 13   14     15
  19                     20            
    21 22     23
24           25              

1.theme or subject is introduced by one voice and is imitated by other voices in succession
6.in a singing style
7.movement, motion, agitated; piu mosso means "more moved" or faster
8.subtle modifications of intensity, tempo, phrasing
9.a section solo
10.the part of a composition where the final presentatoin of the original theme is stated usually at the end
12.bowing the strings as close as possible to the bridge
17.very small printed notes that indicate what other instruments are playing
19.a narrative song describing action, thought, or emotion; follows the natural flow of the vocal soloist
24.the part of the composition (usually the beginning) where the first statement of theme occurs
26.an adaptation of a composition for instruments other than those for which it was orginially composed
27.two or more instruments or sections playing exactly the same notes
29.perform a passage "moderately"; or not too much
30.a broken chord in which the notes are sounded one after the other not simultaneously
2.in a graceful, smooth or elegant manner
3.instrumental ensemble consisting of members of the string family, typically violins, violas, cellos, basses
4.the rythmic technique in which duplets are played against triplets in another voice; 3:2
5.a slow, dignified French dance of the 17th and 18th centuries
11.perform in a manner following the tempo and style of the solo performer, recitative-like
13.a concluding passage at the end of a composition; "the tail"
14.the major seventh of a scale; it lies 1/2 step below the tonic and "leads" toward the tonic
15.tastefully stretch, slow down or hurry the tempo to impart flexibility and emotion to the performance
16.broken chord technique where the bow rapidly changes strings creating an arpeggiated effect
18.perform a passage with a gradual slowing of the tempo
21.growing broader, louder, slower
22.to perform a passage with a pressing forward or acceleration of the tempo
23.perform a passage "moderately"; or "not too much"
25.note upon which a scale or key is based; the first note of a scale or key
28.sweetly, softly, with tender emotion

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