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Musical Terms

Mr. Walsmith

This puzzle coincides with the terms introduced in chapters 1 - 4 in Bastien Piano For Adults Book 1.

1 2        
3 4           5     6
7           8   9        
          10 11  
  12   13       14      
  18   19                    
20           21
      22               23                
24                   25 26       27      
  28   29       30     31              
32       33       34  

2.the first degree of the scale
4.play in a short or detached manner
7.curved line that indicates to play smoothly
8.the tonic chord in C Major
14.indicates silence
15.after repeating the 1st section, skip the measures in the 1st ending and play the 2nd ending instead
16.play the nearest note to the right
17.rate of speed
19.notes in a chord played all together
22.a measure at the beginning that doesn't contain the required number of steady beats
24.moderately fast
28.the distance between two notes
31.notes in an interval played one at a time
32.pinky's number
35.hold the note longer than their original time value
36.walking tempo
37.the subdominant chord in C Major
1.two steady beats of silence
2.dotted half note
3.play the next key to the left
5.pointer's number
9.notes in an interval played together
10.one steady beat of silence
11.mezzo forte
12.the fifth degree of the scale
13.tells what kind of note gets one steady beat
18.letter names of notes played in C position
20.play the notes one octave higher than written
21.mezzo piano
23.hold the note for the combined value of both notes
26.quarter note
29.half note
30.letters in the musical alphabet
33.no sharps or flats
34.dance from "Orpheus in the Underworld"
37.whole note

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