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Adventures of Ulysses Part 1

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34           35          

2.When Ulysses climbed the tree on Cannibal Beach, he discovered it was this.
6.The Greeks escaped from Polyphemus' cave by hiding under the bellies of these.
9.Polyphemus' BLANK was that the Greeks would have a long journey home filled with battles and that Ulysses would be a stranger in his own home.
10.The Trojans were finally defeated because of this trick concocted by Ulysses.
11.The name of Ulysses' homeland
13.Libya was the land of this god of dreams.
17.the island of giants where time quickly passed from day to night to day.
18.After the attack by the Ciconians, the damaged boats were sinking, so the BLANK was tossed overboard, with Ulysses the first to throw his away.
19.Aeolus refused to help Ulysses a second time because he realized that Ulysses was hated by the gods and woujld have BLANK.
20.Paris chose this goddess because she promised to give him the fairest woman in the world
21.The homeland of Paris, the location of the Trojan War
24.So Ulysses could return home, the god Aeolus gave him this gift.
26.When Ulysses woke from his lotus-drugged sleep, he realized the dangers and BLANK his men.
28.Poseidon made the sailors think the bag of winds was gold by clanking these together.
30.The inscription on the golden apple thrown by Eris, goddess of discord
31.Morpheus used this flower for his sleep experiments.
32.At the end of the first section of the epic only BLANK and BLANK were left of Ulysses' original crew of three ships and 150 men.
34.Ulysses put out Polyphemus' eye with this.
35.The keeper of the winds
36.After Polyphemus trapped the Greeks in his cave, Ulysses gave him this to drink.
37.Ulysses tricked Polyphemus by giving the Cyclops this fake name.
1.After sailing 9 days and nights and with the shores of Ithaca in sight, Ulysses relaxed and took a BLANK.
3.The name of Ulysses' son
4.The treasure tossed overboard attracted several BLANK.
5.This god was upset by the treasure that attracted the naiads,and he blew the ships off-course, all the way to Libya.
7.This was the meanest of the Cyclops.
8.What did the goddess Eris throw that started the dispute among the goddess?
9.This first island seemed unprotected, but the defenders had advanced technology.
12.After six days of sea, the Greeks put into another island where the day passed quickly. However, of his three ships, only BLANK went ashore.
14.Paris kidnapped this wife of King Menelaus
15.The Ciconian warriors rode in BLANK which had BLANK attached to the wheels.
16.For 10 years, these beseiged the city of Troy with its high-built walls
22.The Cyclops have only BLANK
23.Poseidon made the sailors think Aeolus' bag of winds was actually this.
25.The name of Ulysses' wife
27.After leaving the land of the Lotus-Eaters, the Greeks next landed on the island of the BLANK.
29.judge of the dispute among Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite
33.The number of scouts that Ulysses sent out when they were on Cannibal Beach

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