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Ancient Mythology

Tom Hautamaki

1 2 3 4
  5                   6
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    15       16
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26           27      
  29         30 31  
    32   33              
  34 35                
37           38     39          
  40         41    
42           43         44   45
    46             47          

5.who killed Theseus
8.which goddess was chosen by Paris
11.Where was Odysseus King
12.an egyptian god, 5 letters
14.What did Paris give to Aphrodite? 2 words, no space
18.What country supposedly has the ark of the covenant?
19.Arthur's Castle
20.Who came between Achilles and Agamemnon
22.the medusa's_____ turned you back after you became stone.
25.Arthur's head warrior
26.Who came uo with the idea of the Trojan Horse?
28.god of the water
29.who judged the 3 godesses
33.how many ships carried the Greeks to Troy?
34.Who convinced Pardaeus to fire the arrow?
36.what was odysseus disguised as
37.Who wrote the Iliad?
39.Last name of Arthurs father
40.what did Hector and achilles know was going to happen to them
42.who was the fairest woman in the land
43.what was the name of the trojan queen in the iliad
46.for how many years did victory waver in the Trojan war.
47.What was Troy to sacrafice?
48.Who was the king of Troy?
1.Vikings wanted to die with a _____ in hand
2.king of the gods
3.Troy was located in the eastern
4.The _____ were blood-thirsty warriors of England and Ireland
6.Indiana Jones was searching for the Holy _____
7.Where did Achilles want to die?
9.Son of Odysseus
10.Who was Agamemnon's brother
13.a creature that lured sailors to death with thier sweet singing.
15.Who was Imphigenia to marry?
16.We get Thursday from this god.
17.hero that killed the medusa
21.how many years before christ was the trojan war?
23.We get Wednesday from this god
24.Where did Zeus tell the feuding goddeses to go in the iliad
27.Odysseus's latin name
30.what is Simois
31.The Viking Version of Heaven
32.True or false: Arthur pulled Excalibur from the stone.
33.what hero did to criminals as they did to victims.
35.Where is a place Troy is possibly located
38.the medusa's glare turned you into _____
41.Who was Arthurs Mentor?
42.wooden _____ that the warriors used to attack the Trojans.
44.name a secondary hero in the was of Troy
45.Goddess of marriage

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