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Corydon & The Island of monsters


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5.Who was the only monster to be killed by Talos?
6.Who is the author of this puzzle?
8.Who was the metal giant?
10.Who was the god of trade and theft?
12.Who is Corydon's real father?
17.Who was brought to life as a plant?
18.Who was the goddess of hunting?
21.Who was the daugher of Zeus?
22.What clever hero did Athena admire?
23.Where did the staff originate?
25.What is the son of Medusa's name?
26.What kind of monster was Lady Nagaina?
28.What was Corydon before he was captured by the pirates?
30.Who was the king of Sparta?
32.Who was the only mortal gorgon?
33.What was the item the book revolved around?
35.Who was the main character?
36.What is the Greek word for gorgon?
37.Who did Corydon to to for knowledge of the staff first?
39.What winged gift did Hermes give to Perseus?
40.What color did the staff glow?
41.Who's library did Corydon visit when trying to learn about the staff?
1.What is the Greek word for blood?
2.How many fingers did Medusa's child have?
3.Where did the pirates take Corydon after they captured him?
4.Who was the true father of Perseus?
7.Who guards the underworld?
9.What type of monster was the snake girl?
11.Who won the war?
12.Who was Theseus's best friend?
13.Who cried when he accidentally killed a man?
14.Who was the leader of the heroes?
15.Who was the immortal gorgon who maps stars?
16.Who was born out of Zeus's head?
19.Who is the fastest and most beautiful of all the heroes?
20.Who was the god of wine, parties and drama?
24.Who was the god of sea and earthquakes?
26.Who was the lord of the underworld?
27.Who is the Athenian king who killed the Minotaur?
29.What kind of animal leg did Corydon have?
30.Who went to the underworld with Corydon first?
31.Who was the immortal gorgon who liked to eat?
34.What is the Greek word for making?
38.Who fed Medusa's child after Perseus stole him?

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