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Culture Crossword


1   2   3 4
5   6                  
  7       8          
9         10           11  
13         14     15    
17 18         19          
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33         34     35

1.Activity used for amusement and sometimes used as an educational tool
6.Without this, we would not learn
7.Many religions use this term to define ones personality and mind
8.Available to all but only reached by those who prepare themselves spiritually
9.Now for recreational use, this was once used to enlighten
10.'The Beatles' wrote a song in which they were this animal
13.Some of those who predicted the 'end of the world as we know it' in 2012
16.Complete annihilation
18.One of several mating systems observed in animals, mostly in humans
20.Products of human creativity
21.Tool used for most jobs in modern day work
23.Often deformed in fiction books or movies, this is the result of a powerful control of the mind
24.Movement in Jamaica which claims the return of peace and prosperity
25.Which is beyond comprehension
28.Usually referred to as naive, they are more witty than we expect
32.Once used for research and information now is used for leisure
33.A periodically repeated sequence of events
36.To beleive, to be confident, often results in something positive
37.They are part of a phylosophically inclined culture
38.Known worldwide for his pacific views and actions
39.White bird usually used in fairy tales to symbolize purity
2.Very respected prophet who lived over 3000 years ago
3.King of Ethiopia now seen as a messianic figure in Jamaica
4.Theory used to give meaning to ones life
5.Accumulated knowledge or enlightenment
11.In many countries, this is an obligatory part of a child's life
12.Celestial body that affects humans physically and mentally
14.Festival of death (mainly end of harvest time) in Gaelic cultures
15.Opposite of omplexity
17.Fictuous king torn between conservatism and innovation
19.Lengendary land claimed to have been lost
22.Despite the inconvenience, this factor is of major importance to the planet
26.One which its bark is used for medical preparations
27.Commonly known as the incarnation of sin
29.Popular cult in england before conquering of the romans
30.Bonfires used to be lit on that day in Gaelic cultures to celebrate spring
31.Number one seller was written in this language first
34.Something used to define ones date of birth
35.Modern and very popular form of art
36.Measuring system based on the sun

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