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Greek Mythology

Ms. Mills

Greek Mythology - Olympians and Trojan war

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1.one of the Titans, Mother of the Olympians
5.Greek poet who wrote The Illiad and The Odyssey
6.Greek Hero of the Trojan war - Known for great strength, but not for brains - he fell on his own sword
10.Prince of Troy - was the best Trojan fighter
13.Deepest part of the earth/underworld, where the Titans were imprisoned by Uranus
15.Messenger god, also god of thieves, dreams and healing
17.Sky - the father of the Titans
19.Clever hero of the Trojan war, he had a hard time getting home
22.Titan who's punishment was to hold up the sky
24.Greek King who was married to Helen, he demanded the Greeks make war on Troy
26.the godly children of the Titans (the main Greek gods)
28.one eyed monsters, siblings of the Titans
30.Hades three-headed dog that guarded the underworld
32.god of the forge, crippled son of Zeus
33.the type of animal made of wood by the Greek Army of Troy's beach
34.the greatest warrior of the Trojan War, he had a bad ankle
2.The jealous wife/sister of Zeus, queen of the Olympians
3.goddess of agriculture (farming)
4.god of the underworld
7.goddes of the hunt
8.Prince of Troy, kidnapped/seduced Helen - starting the Trojan war
9.god of the seas and rivers
11.King of the Titans, father of the Olympians - maimed his father to take power
12.winged spirits of revenge born of Uranus' blood who pursued the guilty
14.King of the Olympian gods, weilded a thunderbolt
16.Greek hero, son of Zeus who is the hero of a Disney movie
18.Giant gods, the children of Gaea and Uranus
20.sun god, and god of music
21.Mountian home of Zeus and his siblings
23.god of war
25.goddess of love
27."The Firebringer", made and helped humans, but offended Zeus - he was chained to a rock and his liver was eaten daily by an eagle
29.goddess of Wisdom
31.Earth - the mother of the Titans

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