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Mythology Crossword Puzzle

Peter Constantine

1         2      
6 7      
  12             13       14
15         16         17                
18                   19            
  20         21    

1.Named after their ship, the Argo
4.Blood of the Gods
5.A lion whose skin is impenetrable
6.The Wild God
8.A plant that when eaten, makes the user fall into a deep sleep
9.All three of the sisters shared one eye
10.Has to hold the weight of the sky
11.Monsters that have one eye
12.Two rocks which squashed any ship that passed in between them
15.Was chained to a rock
17.Maze built by Daedalus
18.Queen of the Underworld
19.King of the Titans
20.The force that the Titans were born from
22.Goddess of the Hearth; gave up her seat of the Big Twelve for Dionysus
23.The weapon that Kronos used to overthrow his father
2.A weak point on Achilles, where he was killed with an arrow
3.He who stretches
7.Hercules's sword
13.Food of the Gods
14.Mother of Monsters
16.Father of Monsters; almost overthrew the Olympians
18.The original winged horse
20.Tried to turn Odysseus and his men into pigs
21.Drink of the Gods

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