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Norse Mythology

Trevor Nelson

1 2           3   4  
  6             7
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26               27         28
29             30
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41               42          
44             45          

2.the "dying" god; Odin's son
3.Thor's wife's hair was made of this
5.goddess of the Earth
6.messenger of the gods
8.god of wisdom; guards the Well of Knowledge
9.number of the more prominent gods in Asgard
12.goddess of love and beauty
14.used to warn the gods of Doomsday
15.where the human race lives
18.the first being
19.Odin's wife
21.Odin's pseudo-alias used to acquire the Mead of Poetry
26.golden fruit that keeps gods young and immortal
27.Thor's weapon of choice
33.Odin gave up this body part to drink from the Well of Knowledge
34.Doomsday for Gods and men
35.Odin's wolves (3 words)
36.largest serpent in the Universe
38.Icelandic poet, comparable to Homer but for Norse mythology
41.Rainbow Bridge used to reach Asgard
42."Past, Present, and Future"; goddesses of Fate
43.main tribe of Norse gods and goddesses; similar to the Olympic gods
44.monster that terrorizes the mead hall in the first written Scandinavian epic
45.Odin's Germanic name
2.Odin's gift to the human race
4.the trickster god of fire
7.similar to the Sword and the Stone, except this Norse hero pulled his magical sword from a great tree
10.more peaceful group of gods and goddesses
11.responsible for Odin's inevitable death
13.the mightiest of the gods
16.Odin's spear
17.one-handed god of war
20.god of justice
22.Odin's great hall where fallen warriors reside
23.epic poem dated back to between the 8th and early 11th century
24.homeland of the Giants
25.group of women that brought the bravest warriors to Odin's hall after their death
28.type of bird that delivers Odin news of the world
29.Odin's eight-legged steed
30.the Underworld
31.World Tree
32.giant wolf that chases the sun around every day
37.god of wind and sea; exchanged between the two groups of gods during peace treaty
39.Odin learned magic from these stones
40.number of worlds connected together by World Tree

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