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The Odyssey/Greek Gods and Goddesses


Use your notes and the book for help.

Pgs. 640-712

1   2      
4   5 6      
    8   9      
11         12       13  
14     15
17                 18
        19   20     21  
  23                 24   25      
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      33       34    
35         36       37     38
      39   40                      

1.Daedalus' son
5.held the Heavens on his shoulders
7.Told Calypso she had to let Odysseus go
9.Childlike god
10.Wouldn't let Odysseus leave her island
11.Turned his men into animals
12.One of Chaos' kids
17.Waiting for Odysseus at home
19.Odysseus' main weakness
23.The Cyclops
25.Athena's bloodthirsty brother
26.Odysseus used these to escape the cyclops
27.How they tricked the Trojans into opening their gate
29.Before Odysseus got lost
31.of the Moon
33.The Gorgon's name
35.The gods' messenger
37.The challenge was to string Odysseus' -----
39.ruled Phaeacia
41.Odysseus had to sacrifice this in order to talk to Teiresias
42.of the Sun
43.whirlpool monster on the strait
2.Odysseus' guide
3.They spin and cut the thread
4.Athena changed Odysseus' appearance to look like this
6.Cronus and Rhea were a part of this
8.the god of the sea
13.Hades is in charge of this
14.how long Odysseus was gone
15.Dionysus was the god of -----
16.Odysseus lost all of these
18.Leader of the Olympians
20.Odysseus' home
21.Killed the Gorgon
22.Odysseus' story
24.Mythology explains the natural using the -----
27.Jealous wife
28.Hera was Zeus' wife and -----
30.Son who helped Odysseus
32.Told the two stories
34.took advantage of Penelope's hospitality
36.Many headed monster on the strait
37.The minotaur was half man and half -----
38.Athena came out of Zeus' -----
40.What Odysseus said his name was
41."A man is nothing without the -----"

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