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Olympian Gods

Mr. Cornelius

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3.Zeus is married to _________.
4.Hestia is the goddess of the _________.
7.Athena, one of Zeus' daughters, has no _______.
9.Zeus' favorite daughter was __________.
12.Hermes wears __________ sandals.
15.Hades has a helmet that makes him _________.
16.Hermes is the son of Zeus and ___________.
17.Athena invented the ______, which allowed man to tame horses.
18.god of the sky
19.Hephaestus' wife
21.The Olympians live on _________.
23.There are __________ Olympians.
24.Hera and Zeus' son
26.12 Greek Gods
33.Apollo is the god of music and plays a _______ lyre.
34.________ is the goddess of love, desire and beauty
37.Poseidon is the god of the ___________.
39.Hades is the lord of the __________.
40.Artemis' twin brother
41.The son of Zeus and Leto is _________.
1.Ares is the god of ___________.
2.Zeus' father
3.The messenger of the gods
5.Apollo is the god of healing and he taught man ____________.
6.Apollo is famous for his oracle at ________.
8.Zeus' wife and sister is __________.
10.Zeus' weapon
11.Demeter is the goddess of fertility, _______ , nature, and the seasons.
13.She was goddess of chastity, virginity, and the hunt.
14.To impress _________ Poseidon created the first horse.
20.Hera's husband is _____________.
22.Amphitrite's husband
24._______ is the blacksmith to the gods.
25.Hera is the _____________ of the gods.
27._____ is the son of Zeus and Hera.
28.Zeus' brother
29.Zeus' other brother
30."a temple of all gods"
31.Athena is the _____ of fertility, agriculture, nature, and the seasons.
32.The Olympians gained their control in the world of gods after Zeus led his siblings to victory in war with the ______.
35.The first ancient reference of religious ceremonies for the Olympians is found in the ______ Hymn to Hermes.
36.Hephaestus uses a __________ as his forge
38.Zeus' sister

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