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The Sea of Monsters

Parsa Shani

    3 4
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5.Luke is son of __________.
7.Son of Sally Jackson.
9.The lord of the titans.
10.One eye.
11.The ________ that is in the bighouse attic tells prophecies.
13.Percy defeated a __________ upon entering camp Half-blood.
14.Jupiter in Greek.
15.God that is punished by Zeus to serve on Earth at camp Half-blood for 100 years.
18.Daughter of the godess of wisdom.
20.Annabeth loves to read _______.
23.Tyson's favorite animal that he named rainbow.
26.Cheap temporary replacement for Chiron.
28.Centaur camp Half-blood director.
29.Has a daughter called Annabeth.
30.The main character's real name.
1.__________ is helping the titan lord arise.
2.The golden _______ brought Thalia back to life and healed Annabeth' s broken ribs.
3.Percy's satyr friend.
4.Cyclops claimed by Poseidon.
6.Neptune is called __________ in Greek.
8.The powerful sorcerer known as __________.
12.__________ is the cyclops who had the golden fleece.
16.Mount __________, located above the Empire state building.
17.The Sea of Monsters is based on Greek __________.
19.The 7 headed beast.
21.The name of Percy's sword/pen.
22.Zeus' daughter that was turned into a tree.
24.Brave daughter of Ares, and Percy's rival.
25.For years, satyrs have been looking for _______.
27.__________ Sloan is the bully in Percy's school.

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