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Trojan War

Brett Christie

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2.Who was the father of the sacrificed maiden?
5.Where did the thief live?
6.How many ships carried the Greek Army?
7.What was the name of the shrewdest and most sensible man in Greece?
8.How many years did the war last?
10.What was the name of the most famous city in the Mediterranean?
11.Where was the sacred place of Troy?
12.Who's death made made Achilles angry enough to return to battle?
15.Where was the place of strong winds and dangerous tides?
16.Who was sacrificed to ensure a safe voyage to Troy?
18.Who was the bravest and most noble man anyhere?
19.What was the name of Achilles' mother?
21.Where on Hector's body was he struck down by a spear?
23.Who was asked to judge the goddesses?
1.What was used to create the dispute among the goddesses?
3.What was the name of the girl that Agememnon stole from Achilles?
4.Who was the fairest women in all the world?
6.Who was the bravest man's wife?
9.Who was the goddess of discord?
13.What was the name of the Greek Soothsayer?
14.Where did Protesilaus fall to a Trojan spear? "The Mouth of the ________"
17.Where was the fairest woman stolen from?
19.What was the number of goddesses in dispute because of the goddess of discord?
20.What was the name of the most famous city in the Mediterranean?
22.Where did Protesilaus wife, Laodamia, go?

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