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Sarah Nullmeyer misspelled med terms

Sarah Nullmeyer

Commonly misspelled medical terms

1 2 3               4  
5 6                      
  8                     9
    11                   12  
    14   15 16                        
    18                       19                
20       21 22   23   24            
    25 26                            
27           28     29                          
30                 31        
      32                         33
35 36     37 38 39        
  41           42              
43       44                        
      46                       47 48
49                 50   51                   52  
      53       54              

3.enlongated cordlike structure on the posterior side of the testis
6.type of seperation used in individual packages
7.walls of a cavity
8.lacking one of these can cause Downs Syndrome
10.communication between vessels by collateral channels
11.smallest vessel
16.bluish purple patch on the skin
17.disease marked by successive crops of bullae
18.a habit peculiar to an individual
19.a large crack
25.outside layer of the heart
27.not an electron but a ________
29.antibody antigen clumping in wound healing
30.a gram negative STD
32.can get these when pregnant
40.the formation of an infarct
42.can have one in your brain or heart-either way can be fatal
44.affording relief
46.cleansing of a surface with a curette
49.the collar bone
51.a treatment for Cystic Fibrosis patients
53.a protien that is soluble in water
56.part of th small intestine
57.causes Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
59.of the nature or quality of bone
1.irregular heartbeat
2.abnormal forward bending
4.prolapse of the intestine
5.something put in a compound to complete it
9.drinking causes ______ of the liver
12.sudden reoccurance
13.electrical device used to start the heart after a severe MI
14.part of the pelvis
15.women have this once a month
20.a type of hairspray
21.part of the pelvis and hip
23.growth of disease
24.instrument that displays visual representation of electrical variations
26.tube in the ear
28.voice box
31.excessive bleeding
34.funny bone... but its not funny
35.deficiency of blood
36.common type of cancer in women
37.a bile pigmant
38.not oral, a differant route
41.escape of fluid into a part
43.occular disease
45.a type of cancer
47.part of the respiratory system
48.pelvic floor
50.vague feeling of discomfort
52.an open oozing wound-could be caused by MRSA
54.tiny bone in the ear, mallet

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