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Employing Interdependence

Brittany,Robin, Boomy

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1.Placing yourself above others
4.Creators use I-messages to express what?
7.Important people to choose when making a group
8.Moving from independence to interdependence
9.Emotional pr psychological reliance on a partner
12.Leveling requires a strong inner guide and commitment to what?
13.Not being able to achieve things on your own
15.Type of listening that strengthens a relationships
2.Boldly putting forth opinions and requests
3.To give and receive help
5.Ineffective communication
6.A response to positively address an issue, nurture a relationship of equals or demonstrate a high self-esteem
10.Ingredient of success
11.Understanding what the other person is thinking or feeling
14.Saying;"__" is a tool of an assertive Creator

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