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Medical Terminology

Aliyya Fatima

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34       35 36            

1.suffix for eat or swallow
4.tail bone
5.prefix for first
9.syn. for post partum
12.condition of the spine
16.ovarian tumor
20.surgical punture of the chest to remove fluid
21.prefix for beyond
23.inflammation of the urethra and bladder
24.bladder pain
27.on the rounded part of the bone
31.excision of the vas deferens
32.process of taking a breast x-ray
33.excision of the uterus
34.suffix for pain
36.prefix for around or near
37.x-ray of the uterus and uterine tubes
38.porous condition of bone
2.suffix for pregnancy
3.process of using a scope to view the bladder
6.picture of a muscle function
7.condition of sugar in the urine
8.prolapse of a kidney
9.prefix for too many
10.frequent urination
11.hidden endescended testicle
13.herniation of a testicle
14.embryonic cell
15.before the fever
17.surgical fixation of a kidney
18.inflammation of the uterine tubes and ovaries
19.pertaining to the kidney
22.suturing of the vas deferens
25.suffix for paralysis
26.suffix for development
28.suturing of the vagina
29.process of using a scope to view inside a joint
30.excision of the breast
35.prefix for unequal

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