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chapter 2 vocab Medical Transcription II


General Surgery Terminology

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2.the act of hollowing out; a hollowed-out space or pouch-like cavity
4.a hernia that contains omentum
6.a small hemmorrhagic spot in the skin or mucous membrane forming a nonelevated, rounded or irregular, blue or purplish patch
8.the surgical creation of an opening into the stomach
9.a splitting open
10.a benign epithelial tumor in which the cells form recognizable glandular structures or in which the cells are clearly derived from glandular epithelium
11.pertaining to or characterized by asthenia, which is the lack or loss of strength and energy; weakness
13.a ridge-like structure
14.the formation of canals, natural or morbid
15.situated or occurring outside the peritoneal cavity
17.anastomosis between the stomach and small intestine in gastroenterostomy
21.a duct; a general term for a passage with well-defined walls, especially such a channel for the passage of excretions or secretions
22.sugical anastomosis between the esophagus and the jejunum
27.surgical creation of an anastomosis between the stomach and small intestine in gastroenterostomy
29.an instrument for cutting thin skin slices for skin grafts
30.the procedure of removing the walls of an antrum
34.the occurrence of calculi in the common bile duct
36.characterized by erythemia
39.incision into the common bile duct for exploration or removal of a calculus
44.a discharge or escape, as of blood, from a vessel into the tissues
47.surgical removal of the lining of an artery
49.surgical removal of the gallbladder
51.a rumbling noise caused by the propulsion of gas through the intestines
53.the surgical creation of an opening between the colon and the surface of the body; also used to refer to the opening, or stoma, so created
54.destruction of tissue by the application of extreme cold; utilized in some forms of intracranial and cutaneous surgery
55.inflammation of bile duct
56.assisting or aiding; a substance that aids another, such as an auxiliary remedy
57.excision of a fistulous tract
1.a circumscribed pouch or sac of variable size occurring normally or created by herniation of the lining mucous membrane through a defect in the muscular coat of a tubular organ
3.the presence or formation of gallstones
4.excision of the esophagus and stomach, usually the distal portion of the esophagus and the entire stomach
5.endoscopic examination of the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum
7.a slough produced by a thermal burn, by a corrosive application, or by gangrene
12.an instrument for direct inspection of the interior of the common bile duct by artifical light
16.a slender, flexible, hollow or solid, cylindrical instrument for introduction into the urethra or other tubular organ, usually for the purpose of calibrating or dilating constricted areas
18.a blind pouch or cecum
19.a unit of lengh based on the breadth of one finger
20.a scar; the new tissue formed in the healing of a wound
24.surgical creation of an artifical passage between the stomach and intestines
25.pertaining to the ribs and diaphragm
26.the formation of an opening into the bladder
28.suffering from cachexia-a general lack of nutrition and wasting occurring over the course of a chronic disease or emotional disturbance
29.to interrupt the circulation of blood to a part causing obstruction or destruction of the blood vessels supplying it
30.a circular area in tissue, usually of a color differing from that around it
31.toward the head
32.resection of the intestines, including the ileum, cecum, and ascending colon
33.the removal of an organ, a tumor, or another body in such a way that it comes out clean and whole, like a nut from its shell
35.both arterial and venous; pertaining to or affecting an artery and a vein
37.the sheet of connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone or other tissues
38.the elongated, cord-like structure along the posterior border of the testis; spermatozoa are stored in the ducts
40.a communication between two vessels by collateral channels; an opening created by surgical, traumatic, or pathological means between two normally distinct spaces or organs
41.the first or proximal portion of the small intestine, extending from the pylorus to the jejunum
42.aggravation of symptoms or increase in the severity of a disease
43.the condition of widespread dissemination of cancer through the body; also called carcinosis
45.removal of portions of the cortical substance of a structure or organ, as of the brain, kidney, lung, etc.
46.the removal of a previously inserted tube
48.the layer of epithelial cells that lines the cavities of the heart, the blood and lymph vessels, and the serous cavities of the body, originating from the mesoderm
50.accumulation of pus in a cavity of the body
52.of or relating to bile, the bile ducts, or the gallbladder

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