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NC5 Crossword 1


This is a crossword puzzle for Excelsior's NC5 Exam. Some answers may contain two or three words, if this is the case the words WILL be separated by a space (meaning YOU WILL leave one box blank). Also, you may see some of the clues multiple times, this means that there is a DIFFERENT answer for each.

1 2               3 4
5             6        
10 11 12                                        
17           18  
    20   21                                    
  22         23        
24                             25           26
33               34  

1.Which landmark is best to use when measuring for ascites?
5.A patient with a urinary tract infection (UTI) would most likely experience
8.Your patient has epiglottis, secondary to severe influenza. Which would be most important to keep at her bedside at all times?
9.The physician has ordered sulfasalazine (5-ASA) for a patient with ulcerative colitis. Which laboratory value might be affected by this medication?
12.You work in a busy walk-in clinic and go out into the crowded waiting room to take blood pressure. As you are taking blood pressure, you ask the patient, “What’s bothering you today?” Which basic rule of interviewing have you violated?
13.Mrs. Jones continued crying throughout the entire initial nursing interview. After questioning, you found out that her husband died recently. She is most likely in which stage of grief?
14.A simple goiter is most likely caused by
15.The most common drug used to treat streptococcal pharngitis
19.Which therapy would be most likely lead to lithium toxicity
21.Extrapyramidal symptoms are commonly associated with what disease?
24.A psychiatric patient on a phenothiazine-type drug (Levodopa) and develops a slow, shuffling gait. What type of drug would you expect to give to control the symptoms?
27.Prolixin is most commonly used as an
29.What type of medication would be prescribed for a patient with cogwheel rigidity, with twisting of the face upward and other extrapyramidal effects?
30.Increased calcium levels would be responsible for
32.A slow insidious, progressive hearing loss is usually caused by
33.Signs and Symptoms of diabetes insipidus include this
35.Zoster immune globulin is used to stimulate an immunity to
36.Which worker is most at risk for contracting hepatitis C?
2.Cushing’s syndrome would be suspected in a patient with which symptoms?
3.The most common side-effect of Thorazine is
4.Signs and Symptoms of diabetes insipidus include this
6.Painful memories and disagreeable desires that appear as physical symptoms are the results of
7.Cushing’s syndrome would be suspected in a patient with which symptoms?
10.According to Freud, all psychic energy comes from the
11.As you walk into Mr. Golden’s room he declares, “I hate them!” Your best response would be
16.A sudden gush of serosanginous drainage from an abdominal incision on 3rd day post op would most likely be caused by
17.A patient who is on Antabuse drinks alcohol and then calls you. What symptoms would you tell her to expect?
18.Cushing’s syndrome would be suspected in a patient with which symptoms?
19.A surgical intervention that might cause a wound to heal by third intention might be
20.Paresthesia is most often associated with which of the following conditions?
22.Cushing’s syndrome would be suspected in a patient with which symptoms?
23.Signs and Symptoms of diabetes insipidus include this
25.The abnormality you would most likely see in a burn patient during the hypovolemic phase is
26.Imitation without any meaning attached, and motions made by others would be termed
27.A person who feels that his safety may be compromised and who is experiencing heart palpitations and a feeling of suffocation may have
28.Mrs. Sammy cleans her house from top to bottom every day even though it is immaculate to start with. This is an example of
31.According to psychoanalytic theory, the inability to break ties with one’s mother would indicate which stage has not been successfully completed?
34.Cushing’s syndrome would be suspected in a patient with which symptoms?

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