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Chapter 1 Nursing Assistant

J Payne

Vocabulary Words

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4.a legal term that means a person can be held responsible for harming someone else.
7.answerable for one's actions.
9.the loss of mental abilities, such as thinking, remembering, reasoning, and communicating.
12.care that involves the whole person; this includes his or her physical, social, emothional, and spiritual needs.
13.a way of classifying or categorizing people at the first meeting.
14.care given in a nursing home or a hospital; used for people who need a higher level of care and observation than some long-term care facilities can give.
16.to find a problem through a survey.
18.care given to adults at a facility during daytime work hours.
21.deserving the trust of others.
23.mixing children and the elderly in the same care setting.
24.guided by a sense of right and wrong; principled.
28.a setting for people who require some help with daily care, but who need less than a long-term care facility offers.
29.a nurse in charge of a group of residents for one shift of duty.
30.the group of people with different kinds of education and experience who provide resident care.
32.a registered nurse with advanced education who is able to see patients and write prescriptions.
33.polite, kind, considerate.
35.transferring authority to a person for a specific task.
36.a nurse responsible for a team of healthcare workers.
37.the term for an illness or condition that is long-term or long-lasting.
1.the identification of a disease by its signs and symptoms and from the results of different tests.
2.coordination of care for a resident over time, during which the care team is always exchanging information about the resident and working toward shared goals.
3.personal daily care tasks, including bathing, dressing, mouth care, hair care, toileting, and eating and drinking.
5.a licensed nurse who has completed two to four years of education: RN's assess residents, monitor progress, provide skilled nursing care, give treatments, and supervise the care given by nursing assistants and other members of the care team.
6.care that takes place in a person's home.
8.people responsible for the care of both their children and aging relatives.
10.the order of authority within a facility.
11.licensed nurse who has completed one to two years of education; LPN/LVN passes medications, gives treatments, and may supervise daily care of residents.
15.the act of behaving properly for a certain job.
17.the group of people with different kinds of education and experience who provide resident care.
19.care usually given for less than 24 hours to people who have had treatments or surgery.
20.24-hour skilled care for temporary illnesses or injuries; generally given in hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers.
22.a special equipment that helps a person whi is ill or disabled perform ADLs; also called adaptive devices.
25.a method, or way, of doing something.
26.a person living in a long-term care facility.
27.method of care in which a nurse acts as a leader of a group of people giving care.
31.identifying with and understanding another's feelings.
34.a course of action to be followed.

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