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OB medications

diana j

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1.Candidiasis and UTI’s
4.Butalbital/aspirin/caffeine compound for pain & sedation w/ caffeine for headaches
6.1st generation cephalosporin – UTI’s
7.Multipurpose anti-infective to treat gram + bacteria, bacterial vaginosis, skin, gyne, and resp infect.
11.Endocervical gel for ripening of cervix
12.Prophylactic tx of infection in babies eyes (gonorrhea, chlamydia)
14.Narcotic combination of hydrocodone & acetaminophen
15.Epidural Morphine. Causes bradycardia in FHR
16.Anti-progesterone. Suppresses ovulation. Tx of endometriosis, fibrocystic breast disease
17.Counteracts too much magnesium / or replacement of calcium deficiency
19.Narcotic combination 300mg acetaminophen / 30mg codeine
21.For mother, prevents respiratory distress in preterm newborns. Boosts surfactant production.
25.Respiratory and myocardial stimulant in apnea of infant.
28.Sestemic-Analgesia during labor (50-100 mg) Causes poor variability in FHR.
29.Stool softener
30.Supplement to anesthesia, pain relief during and after labor (50-100 mcg/kg)
31.Opioid antagonist – blocks effects of opioids
32.blocks effects of histamine that triggers N&V preoperative sedation, adjunct to anesthesia
33.Narcotic combination 500 acetaminophen/ 5mg oxycodone for severe pain relief
34.Pre-Op for C-section. Dries up secretions.
35.100 mg propoxyphene napsylate / 650 mg acetaminophen
39.Aminoglycoside treats gram – penicillin resistant, staph infections. Dose based on blood levels.
41.Laxative stimulant
45.Mod to Severe pain relief
47.Tx for Herpes infection
49.Gonadotropin, induces ovulation
51.Stool softener and stimulant. 100mg docusate sodium / 30mg casanthranol
52.TX of various infections: T vaginalis, bacterial vaginosis, endometritis
55.Is used to induce mid-trimester abortion & treat emergency post partum hemorrhage.
56.inhibits action of histamine to heal & prevent ulcers. Treats heartburn and help GERD
57.Antagonizes the effects of histamines, allergic reactions
58.Induces labor; prevents hemorrhage postbirth; intranasal promotes lactation. Reverses Hypotonic labor.
59.NSAID, inhibits prostaglandin synthesis, best pain med for cramps
2.Cutaneous fungal infections – candidiasis
3.Decreases b/p by inhibiting calcium transport, causing systemic vasodilation
5.GI stimulant, cholinergic, Tx of N & V
8.100 mg propoxyphene napsylate / 375mg acetaminophen / 30 mg caffeine
9.Stimulates ovulation by stimulating the release of FSH and LH
10.Vaginal insert that ripens the cervix
13.NSAID, inhibits prostaglandin synthesis, short term management of pain < 5 days
18.Decreases severity of N & V after surgery
20.Decreases severity of N & V after surgery
22.Prophylatic tx of infection in babies eyes (gonorrhea, chlamydia) - NOT used often anymore
23.Causes coalescence of gas bubbles, passage of gas via GI tract by belching or flatus
24.Pain relief, used for after pains and episiotomy pain
26.Laxative stimulant
27.Decreases pain
30.OTC, PO iron supplement
36.Aminopenicillin – high risk for infection – C-sections
37.Increaseses blood pH by converting to bicarb. - neutralizes gastric acid
38.PreOp for GERD with C-sections. Given PostOp to lower acidity in case of aspiration.
40.Extreme N & V, pink urine, 5-10mg
42.For Rh- mothers carrying an Rh+ baby, and to prevent antibody response in future pregnancies
43.N & V, and adjunct to general and regional anesthesia
44.Dries up umbilical cord
46.Stool softener
48.Vaginal candidiasis, oral thrush
50.Sestemic-Analgesia during labor (1-2 mg) Causes poor variability in FHR
53.GnRH agonist, suppresses menstrual cycle in Tx of endometriosis. Better tolerated than Danazol
54.Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – produced by chorionic villi, found in urine in pregnant women.

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